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A Winter must-have to keep dry cracked hands at bay and cuticles and nails deeply nourished and hydrated!


Our Bellini Cuticle Oil adds luxury to your daily routine. Infused with 5 Essential Oils daily use will help to keep breakages, brittleness and hangnails at bay whilst prolonging your beautiful Bellini Manicure! Not to mention our signature mix of scents will leave you feeling fresh and uplifted. 


For your hands and skin we added in Voesh Lavender Relieve Velvet Luxe Vegan Body & Hand Creme to help lock in mositure and protect from harsh weather days. Our hands are used for almost everything we do, and so, like our faces, it's important to keep them fit, healthy and rehydrated too.



Bellini Cuticle Oil 10ml

Voesh Hand Creme 30z

Winter Hand & Nail Care Package

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