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A must-have if you are a Lashes & Brows kinda girl!


Keep lashes clean and maintained with our handy little Masacara Wand & Case. Lash treatments such as Lash Lifts and Semi Perm Lashes can be prolonged with proper care and maintance. Ensuring your lashes are cleaned daily, brushed through and kept free from dust and make up residue.


Give your Brows and Lashes a boost with our Bellini Castor Oil! Rich in Omega 3 & 9 Fatty Acids and well as ricinoleic, all of which stimulate growth! In addition to that, get a healthy dose of Vitamin E that'll not only work its way down the hair folicle and boost growth but leave your lashes and brows looking thicker! For Brow Lamination treatments we advise using twice daily to keep brows hydrated and nourished. Always patch test before use. 


Our Cuticle Oil is back and better than ever! Infused with 5 Essential Oils daily use will help to keep breakages, brittleness and hangnails at bay whilst prolonging your beautiful Bellini Manicure!

A blend of the very best cuticle oils to moisturise, encourage growth, stengthen and brighten your nails! Our clients all LOVE our formula and we don't doubt you will too! 



Bellini Castor Oil

Bellini Cuticle Oil

Mascara Wand & Carry Case

Nails, Lashes & Brows Pack

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